Fly Creek knows breakfast

To start vacation off right we headed out to Cooperstown, NY, home of the Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s a 4 1/2 hour drive from eastern MA to NY so we made sure there were plenty of homemade snacks to keep us busy. A trip to Whole Foods made the road trip mix manageable. This included:

banana chips
sesame sticks
Ginger granola
raspberry yogurt covered pretzels
dried cranberries
cheese Quackers (yes, quackers)

For me, the mish mosh of treats was not as appealing as I would have liked it to have been. Our new challenge is to have duelling trail mixes for our next road trip. Oh, food nerdom.

The Baseball Hall of Fame was neat, but other patrons always bring down the fun a notch.

It was neat to see the Women in Baseball display especially because I love the movie A League of Their Own

We stopped at the Cooperstown Diner for a light snack. That “light snack” included greasy onion rings and an egg salad sandwich. It hit the spot, however, that was the only time the sun came out. Figures.

After the GPS sent us 10 miles away from our hotel (I swear she was sending us to a slaughterhouse), our next stop was Ommegang Brewery in Milford, NY. It’s difficult to stop at a brewery never having tasted the beer before and not knowing if it’s going to be terrible or a sweet treat.

This happened to be a wonderful find.

We arrived there at 4:45, only 15 minutes before closing. We couldn’t get a tour of the factory, but we did get samples! And really, once you’ve been on one brewery tour, they are all about the same after that. The beer was actually quite tasty. Seeing how the tasting was just the two of us, we talked to the guide and ate cheese and pretzels at our leisure.

Dinner was not as exciting. After realizing that downtown Oneonta is run-down, we stopped at Athens, a Greek and Mediterranean eatery. The service was bad, and the food wasn’t that much better. The only great thing was that they had Kronos flatbread. This flatbread is the most difficult food item to find. We’ve only found it in Puerto Rico (go figure), an Indian grocery (and it tasted like an Indian grocery), and a small grocery about 30 miles away. Not so easy to get. So dinner was falafel wrapped in the doughy bread. The falafel was ok.

Turtle Chex Mix topped off the night.

The mission for Monday was simply to drive through New York and stop anywhere cool. FlyCreekCiderMill was just the place to stop. It’s a fun little place with dozens of samples including pickled garlic (holy yum), apple butter, corn relish, fudge, cookies, and the kicker, at 9am, Hard Cider and wine samples.

This was before 9am Hard Cider and wine:

On tap, Fly Creek Cider Mill had 4 different kinds of apple wine and 2 different kinds of hard cider. We came home with an apple wine and hard cider.

Funny how our only souvenirs happen to be alcohol.

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