Composting Kittens

So maybe kittens don’t compost, but mine wants to.

After running a 5k this morning we decided to go to The Kitchen Connection in Portsmouth, NH. This store is massive and has anything you could dream of to organize your kitchen, cook in it, or make it pretty.

There were times when I had to hold myself back from spending money on things I may think I need, but probably don’t.

We stuck with a pretty counter-top compost bin because it’s pretty nice having less than a bag of trash a week for 2 people. The food scraps will be donated to a friend’s large compost.

After nerding it up at the kitchen store we headed up to the UNH area to check out Calef’sCountryStore. As usual we didn’t buy anything significant (although I had an itch to buy local honey, but we did make off with a few samples of ginger snaps and sauces. I did feel badly about sampling but not buying, so I bought a couple of candies.

Then, it was off to an “antique” store (aka, junk shop) where we bought the Moosewood Cookbook for a whopping $5. I say we made off like bandits.

To cap off the food adventure we went to the UNH Dairy Depot for some ice cream. Doug was disappointed to find out they no longer make their ice cream on site from UNH cows, but we did get to try graham cracker ice cream. That is heavenly, and I’ll be making that in the near future.

One of my favorite recipes I found on MyKitchenAddiction. I had Doug make these for me because they are simply so tasty. For this recipe Doug has tried different juices as well as different beers. This last one he used pomegranate grape juice with apricot beer, and cooked them a bit longer than suggested. They were phenomenal.

I served this up with a V8 butternut squash soup and covered it with homemade pumpkin butter.

Now it’s off to making pizza and cole slaw. Hopefully these will be just as delicious as everything else we’ve been creating.

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One Response to Composting Kittens

  1. So glad you enjoy the rolls 🙂 That bread is one of my favorites, and I love mixing up different versions of the recipe from time to time.

    PS – Love the picture of the kitten in the box… So cute! 🙂

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