Some boxes taste delicious

To round off “use it up” week I made blueberry scones from a box. I found a box of KingArthurSourCreamBlueberryScone mix on the clearance rack at the grocery store. Now, I am a King Arthur Flour nerd. For a fun trip I visited the store in Norwich, VT. AMAZING.

My scones were tasty, but not outstanding.

The dough was manageable, but I felt like it didn’t come together correctly. Also, I felt like it was lacking in the blueberry department.

The finished product was good, but I wanted it to be flakier. They tasted just like a muffin, only triangular.

I’m sure there was something in my preparation; maybe my butter wasn’t cold enough, maybe I mixed to many times. Who knows?

I know I am having one for dessert tonight though.

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