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Curry makes it all better

Today was so hot. Imagine living on the third floor of an old building with no air conditioning. Heat rises. No air conditioning. Breezes are few. And no air conditioning. This makes for a hot and cranky baker. Hence why … Continue reading

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Challah! It’s one year on the 3rd floor!

I’m such a dork that whenever I say challah I have to say it like this: “Holla!”. I think it aggravates people (Doug), but I laugh every time. Today is one year of Doug and me living in our 3rd … Continue reading

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Chocolate Gingerbread Heaven

One of the worst things in the kitchen is to have a disaster. There have been many cookie disasters in mine. I tried making seven layer cookies from Smitten Kitchen. That was awful. My French almond macaroons looked horrific. Fortunately, … Continue reading

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Friday Night Disaster

Experimenting with baking is fun for me. I like trying new recipes, putting ingredients together and seeing how the come out. Sometimes, though, the results are not good. Friday night I decided to make dried cranberry shortbread cookies from Martha … Continue reading

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Last Days of Summer Vacation

Yesterday was my rest day for half-marathon training. It also happened to be one of the most beautiful days of summer. It was a mild 77 degrees with a slight breeze. Simply gorgeous. To celebrate the end of summer Doug … Continue reading

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I’ve Got the Breakfast Blues

I am a creature of habit. Every morning I wake up and eat the same thing that I had the day before. The regularity of morning breakfast gives me a sense of control and normalcy. Because of the steady routine … Continue reading

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Pet Myths Revealed!

Most mornings I wake up, grab a cup of coffee and watch the morning news. This morning on Good Morning America there was a story about pet myths. I knew some of the myths about chocolate, but I learned some … Continue reading

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