The baking bug is back

I thought that I had deleted this blog. At one point I thought that because of lack of readership that it was a dead end and the operation should be shut down. I’ve had a change of heart and checked it today, happily to find out that in my haste I didn’t delete it. So it’s back to baking!

Last night’s baking:

Brownie mix cookies with a peanut butter center

Doug and I just got back from Nashville, TN. That trip was a culinary delight with fried pickles, fried green tomatoes, biscuits, a Primanti Brothers sandwich, and a bbq chicken pizza with apple butter as the sauce. This trip has inspired me to reopen the kitchen and come up with a summer baking/cooking list.

On my summer baking/cooking list:

Southern biscuits (a tribute to The Loveless Cafe in Nashville)
apple butter
blackberry preserves
pickled cucumber

It’s good to be back in action.

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