Purple Pepper Eaters

At the beginning of the summer I promised myself that I would go to the farmer’s market every week. I even considered becoming part of a CSA and have fun using up all the goodies I’d get every week. However, I have done neither of these things.

Early summer I tried out the Andover, MA farmer’s market only to find myself sorely disappointed with their selection. This community is supposed to have an abundance of wealth, so I figured they’d have a well put together market. They had a poor selection of fruits and veggies, and some other booths with soaps and homemade items.

I was impressed with the Andover High School (I think) tent which had some of their own picks from the garden, but nothing stood out enough as a must-have.

So yesterday Doug and I went for a stroll, and by stroll I mean four mile walk both ways, into historic downtown Lawrence. The walk was quite nice as the day was still young and the humidity was nearly nonexistent. I was afraid that I would be disappointed again, but was pleasantly surprised to be able to come home with some gems.

At the booth we decided to buy from, the squash and zucchini were 3/$1, the green tomato was $0.84, and the purple pepper, yes purple, was about $0.50. I think we could splurge the $2.20 for some cool produce.

I’m psyched to try making fried green tomatoes, and to find out what that purple pepper tastes like. C’mon, a purple pepper!

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  1. Mackenzie says:

    I love this blog! I will be following. ❤

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