New England Traditions

One of my favorite things in life is going out for ice cream on a hot summer’s day. Wednesday seemed like the perfect night to go to Benson’s ice cream stand in Boxford.

It wasn’t sweltering, but for all the walking we had put in that day, it was well deserved. The last time I had been there, about ten years ago, I remember falling in love with their creamy confection. I usually feel badly about going out for ice cream as the price of a small two scoop is about the same price as a 1/2 gallon at Market Basket, but I needed a fix, not a whole carton.

Benson’s is set in a quintessential New England town. The stand is built off an old farm house, and the side yard has several picnic tables for customers to sit and enjoy their treats.

The selection of ice cream is not as big as some other places, but only because their ice cream is homemade. The choice on Wednesday was simple: a classic, Maple Pecan and something new, Grapenuts. The Grapenuts scoop had a chewy texture with the bites of cereal, and the Maple Pecan was sweet and smooth. The two together was a good match.

Though that will probably be my last outing to Benson’s for the season, it’s good to have a pretty drive down Rte. 133 to one of the best ice cream stands around. It also leads me to want to try more places, like the Stone House Bakery that is on the way. Maybe that will be my next stop.

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2 Responses to New England Traditions

  1. Michelle says:

    The best ice cream in the world. So creamy and tasty. I haven’t been there in years. I think it’s time to go.

    Great blog, btw.

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