Friday Night Dorkiness

A typical late 20-something will spend their Friday night at a bar, exploring the city, or taking a fun trip.  Doug and I spent our Friday making bread, going for a walk, playing MarioKart, and watching a Dateline mystery.

I think that making bread is a difficult task, and that is why I have left that up to Doug while I take on cookies, pies, and quickbreads (my cakes need some perfecting).  He’s made so many different breads from foccaccia, to feta bread, beer bread, and English muffin bread. My all time favorite, though, has to be ciabatta. This probably happens to be one of the most difficult breads to make as well.

Doug displayed this difficulty with the ciabatta that he made yesterday.  It was an all day process, induced a great deal of cursing, and it even seemed to have a mind of its own.

Fortunately for him he had a beautiful assistant (me, of course!) to help him.

The recipe he used did not actually come from Bernard Clayton’s book (!), but from Martha Stewart’s Baking Handbook.  The full recipe makes two large loaves of ciabatta.  If you are interested then you can find the recipe here: ciabatta.

This is the dough after its second rising. It takes about an hour to rise (or double its size).

I like how when it’s rising with the plastic wrap cover looks like a biodome.

Then after a great deal of patience with the dough that creeps along the counter you have this.

I think the dough looks like Santa Claus’s head.

Doug had to brush off the excess flour.

Today we get to eat it. I can’t wait to dive into the chewy texture of the crust and the porous middle.

I think a great way to eat it would be with a dipping olive oil. I like my olive oil with cracked pepper, garlic and rosemary, but butter is also good on the bread.

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