Food for Thought and the Tastebuds

If I haven’t mentioned that I’m a nerd already, well then I’ll proclaim it again now: I’m a GIANT nerd. How nerdy?  you may be thinking to yourself. Doug got me hooked on National Public Radio (NPR) and NHPR (New Hampshire Public Radio) so much so that I feel the need to call in and enter contests.

Saturday morning public radio hosts an array of funny shows like Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me and The Car Guys. These two are my favorites. But on Sunday morning at 11 am NHPR hosts a local radio show called Food For Thought. The host of this show? The Tastebuds! I mean, it’s as though this show was put on the air just for my nerdilicious benefit.

Last year at Doug’s family’s camp in NH, his sister asked a trivia question (I just happen to love trivia): What are the three fruits indigenous to New England? Ok.



The last one I could not get. I knew that apples were from Asia and tomatoes were from South America. Strawberries? Peaches? What could it be? Concord Grapes. Ha! A fun little challenge.

As Doug and I were driving home to Massachusetts from the camp we came across The Tastebuds. They had a trivia question.

Oh, how I love trivia! The question? What are the three fruits indigenous to New England! People were calling in and knew blueberries. They knew cranberries, but they could not think of that last one. Lucky for me.

I called in.

My palms were sweaty (this was my first time on the radio!), I was nervous that maybe the information Amy had given me may be inaccurate, but all of a sudden The Tastebuds were in a tither (think about the excitement level that the radio hosts on the SNL skit with Ana Gasteyer and Molly Shannon). They cheered as I said all three fruits. I had won two free scoops of ice cream at Granite State Candy in Concord.

However, living in Massachusetts poses a problem for listening to this radio show.  The only way I can is to stream it if I’m at home. I do, however, spend nearly every weekend in NH, so when I listen when I can.

A few weekends ago the same type of story came up. Only this time the trivia question was: What was the first toy advertised on TV.

My immediate thought was Mr. Potato Head.

I kept it to myself and listened to a few people call in: Easy Bake Oven, Barbie. Nope. Ok, it was my chance. The line was clear and I put my name in to answer.

Once again my palms were sweating and my heart was racing. I gave them my answer and they were hooting again! I got it right! But this time I won some good stuff:

A tastebuds apron (not pictured)
A Food for Thought kitchen towel
$10 to Johnny Troys in Manchester, NH
$10 to The Healhy Buffalo
$10 to Apple Hill Farm
$10 to Makris
$10 to Hancock Square
2 free ice creams at Granite State Candy Store (Hilary Clinton ate there!)

My nerdiness will live on, and today I will be tuning into The Tastebuds at 11 am. Maybe I’ll win some good shwag again.

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2 Responses to Food for Thought and the Tastebuds

  1. Jaime says:

    haha you make me laugh!

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