Meal Planning Monday and The Case for Fennel Seeds

Today was Meal planning Monday! Oh what fun!

This is an easy week because we only have to think about Monday through Wednesday.
The pesto pasta dish was amazing as always!

Ever since Doug made that pesto pizza last week I’ve been craving everything pesto. So of course this was my choice of the week!

I found the recipe in my Everyday Food: Great Food Fast cookbook.

It’s just pesto, green beans, red potatoes, and rigatoni. Always a winner in my book.

Doug came up with his own recipe today, or yesterday. Either way these rolls were absolutely amazing. They had a firm crust (perfect for dipping into soup), a soft, delicate inside, and bits of fennel seed. I was in heaven.

He is so talented!

If you haven’t had fennel seeds in bread before then you are missing out. They offer a taste unlike any other.

Lastly, I baked chocolate pretzels. I wanted to test this recipe to find out if it would be good for the bake sale on September 19th. Nope. When the dough gets warm it is unmanageable. Maybe if it was air conditioned in here and not humid then I would have been happier.

They are tasty though.

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2 Responses to Meal Planning Monday and The Case for Fennel Seeds

  1. Mackenzie says:

    Friday = Amherst and Montague!

  2. Meg says:

    Painting party made the blog. Niiice.

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