One of These Things Does Not Belong

Doug’s mother bought me an herb garden for my birthday. My birthday was February 1st, so I graciously took the garden and forgot about it for about 3 months.

For Easter Doug filled my basket (which was actually a flower pot– how cute!) with some green onion and pepper seeds. The Easter gift ignited my desire to start my window garden.

I tried to plant the basil, thyme and rosemary in their own little blue pots. I watered them and I watched their growth every day. After about 10 days I had sprouts. I couldn’t identify which herbs they were, but I was sure that I had a green thumb.

After a couple more weeks I noticed that the thyme and basil were the heavy hitters in the pots and the rosemary was struggling. I bought bigger pots for the basil and let the thyme grow wild in all three blue pots.

Since the beginning of the spring and into the summer I have had an abundance of basil, but the green onions have been very slow growing.

Which one of these plants looks so much different from the others? The pepper! It saw its last days in the window yesterday and is now waiting on the curb to meet it’s final destination– the landfill.

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