All Things Peach

We are now in the thick of peach season, and I would like to take full advantage of nature. Yesterday Doug, my goddaughter, her sister, and I went peach picking at a local farm.

First off, this farm made us pay up front ($3/person) as a “deposit” (which isn’t really a deposit) for peach picking. I thought their old method of paying by the pound at the stand right next to the pick your own (PYO) section was just fine. So $12 later we were off to pick the best peaches of the season.

There were several trees with tiny peaches, but we did manage to find a few trees with beautiful peach orbs.

Now I have nearly 5 lbs. of peaches with not much direction as to what to do with them. My first instinct is to make preserves from a Country Living recipe. Or I could make peach cookies. Somehow.

Lastly, though I’ve been making a case for everything peaches, I would like to turn to something a little less… peachy.

New England Coffee has some seasonal blends, and that means peach cobbler coffee for summer.

Doug and I bought this blend thinking that it would be similar to the blueberry cobbler, just peach flavored. However, the taste is almost too acidic, and not a flavor that lends itself well to coffee. Though I am a huge fan of New England Coffee, I think I’ll pass on this one next season.

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