My running issues

Running isn’t an easy thing for me. There are a million excuses I can come up with not to run. It’s raining. My leg hurts. I haven’t eaten enough. I have no clean clothes.

This morning was an excuse-ridden day. It all started when I had to run out to the corner store to get 1/2 & 1/2 for my coffee. I slipped on my flip flops, grabbed a 5, and headed out.

On my way out I hit my head. Hard. I saw stars. Visions came to me. I thought I would vomit or pass out.

I collected myself and headed out. I needed my cup of joe. The excuses ran wild. Now my head hurt, there was no way I could run 5 miles.

I got home and put on my cranky face. I hit my head and it hurt. Running could wait.

I could stay home and eat these:

Or drink this, yeah…

But then Doug wanted to go to the gym. Ok. I can do that, I thought.

With my gear on we headed to the gym. 5 minutes into my run at 6.2 mph I needed a bathroom break. This was going to be a long 5 miles.

I jumped back on and did another 2.5 miles. Good. I felt warm, but visualizing the mileage on the treadmill was too much for me. I turned off the treadmill and restarted it. Doing that made the run feel new, like I was running a whole new 2 miles without already having gone 3 miles at a snails pace.

I cranked the treadmill up to 6.8 mph and finished off at 7.8 mph. Ah, it felt good.

So good in fact that I was energized to do more. I ran an extra .3 miles and walked some more, and proceeded to do weights.

The headache was non-existent, my legs felt strong, and I felt good.

Week one of training is officially complete.

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One Response to My running issues

  1. Christina says:

    Hahaha..I read this post and had to laugh! I have had so many of these kinds of days. I am training for a full marathon this November and there has been many days where I would rather skip it and indulge in tasty foods. In fact, that was tonight! 😉 But I forced my self to do it, and you always feel better afterwards! Good luck with your training…it is such an accomplishment! 🙂

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