Friday Pizza (Well, this is Tuesday, but let’s pretend)

In second grade my friend thought that all we ate at my house was pizza. It just happened that she only came over on Fridays, and I guess we ate a lot of pizza on Fridays.

Those days it was Pizza Hut or Papa Gino’s. The plastic cheese and flavorless crust were the go to pizzas that we grew up with. I didn’t know that there was something better.

Now I’m here to make the case for homemade pizza.

Think about the last piece of take out you had. The cheese oozing, the oil dripping, the crust flopping. Was it really that good? Were the flavors popping in your mouth? If you honestly answered yes, then you can stop reading. But if you had a pang of guilt in your conscience then keep reading.

Something has changed for me in the past two years. I’ve grown to hate the take out pizza and prefer homemade pizza. When I first started making my own pizza, I bought the pre-made dough or pita pockets, and topped it with shredded processed plastic cheese. My pies were good, but never over the top good.

My homemade pizza has changed as well. Now, if I didn’t have Doug I would probably still have the store bought dough. But since he’s around, I get to eat his dough.

It’s soft, flavorful, light and airy. It can be formed into any size crust. It can be topped with anything you desire. It’s truly perfect.

Remember that cheese grater you got as a wedding present? It will come in handy now. The addition of freshly shredded mozzarella and parmesan is what gets me. I can actually taste the cheese. The stuff you buy from a bag is alright, but I feel that if you are going to eat cheese then it better be flavorful. And buying the block and shredded yourself really is more economical.

Now for the big reveal.

I usually don’t have huge pictures, but this pizza was so good it is worthy of giant status.

Perfect little mini meatballs. Savory sauce. It was just perfect.

Watch out Papa Gino’s, push aside Sal’s, Doug’s pizza has stolen your place for my Friday nights.

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