I wish I had a cookie cutter life

I’m really dorky when it comes to many things, but I’d have to say that cookie cutters are a weakness. When I go to country stores or a new holiday is arriving I can’t help but think about what fun cookie shapes I can make.

My sister even bought me an entire alphabet cookie cutter set. Thanks, sis!

The most recent addition to my collection are these leaf and acorns.

I bought these items to get ready for the bake sale on September 19th. I just hope my cookies look somewhere along the lines of what BakeAt350creates.

The loaf pans got into the picture too because I’m making quick breads for the bake sale as well.

So tell me, what are your favorite fall cookies and quick breads?

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One Response to I wish I had a cookie cutter life

  1. Peter Osgood says:

    I hope we’ll be feasting on some cookies before then, September 5 comes to mind. 🙂

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