Pet Myths Revealed!

Most mornings I wake up, grab a cup of coffee and watch the morning news. This morning on
Good Morning America there was a story about pet myths.

I knew some of the myths about chocolate, but I learned some new hazards. One hazard is a new addition to the apartment.

This hazard has been captivating Katie.

It’s lilies. Yup, those pretty flowers are toxic for kitties.

bad cat 3

Thankfully, she is more interested in demolishing the purple flower than the lily.

Well, it’s Thursday and that means trivia and beer tonight! I am so excited. It’s been a while. I hope he doesn’t ask any presidential trivia.

Doug’s making another pizza tonight– pesto chicken! Pictures to be added later.

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2 Responses to Pet Myths Revealed!

  1. Peter Osgood says:

    She’s a cat, and it looked interesting. What’s to know! 🙂

  2. Mackenzie says:

    Pesto chicken. mmmm. I want some. Come make me some.

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