Friday Night Disaster

Experimenting with baking is fun for me. I like trying new recipes, putting ingredients together and seeing how the come out.

Sometimes, though, the results are not good.

Friday night I decided to make dried cranberry shortbread cookies from Martha Stewart’s Cookies book. This recipe seemed simple enough with only flour, powdered sugar and butter going into the batter. But something terrible happened to the crumbly cookies.

I was so mad at them that I think I ate two big warm cookies straight away. How dare they fall apart on me!

I think that I added 1/4 cup too much flour. Right at the end of adding flour I forgot what number scoop I was on and added my final 1/4. That may have been the deal breaker.

Fortunately, I made better cookies last night. More to come later.

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One Response to Friday Night Disaster

  1. Christina says:

    We have all had a kitchen cooking disaster! 🙂 I bet the crumbs tasted yummy though!!

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