Chocolate Gingerbread Heaven

One of the worst things in the kitchen is to have a disaster. There have been many cookie disasters in mine. I tried making seven layer cookies from Smitten Kitchen. That was awful. My French almond macaroons looked horrific. Fortunately, I didn’t take pictures so nobody could witness my demise.

In contrast to Friday night’s shortbread cookie disaster, I was able to redeem it with another cookie. I’ve made these cookies before, but this time was more joyful. This time they had a wider audience. The people spoke, and they loved them.

These cookies are Chewy chocolate gingerbread cookies. This is another one of Martha Stewart’s recipes from her Cookies book.

They have almost a crisp outside with the sugar coating, but a chewy inside. Little nuggets of chocolate are nestled inside the ginger-laden dough.

What is so fun about making these cookies is watching the molasses transform the batter from a yellowish, sugary texture to velvety, chocolate looking ribbons.

The worst part about these guys, though, is that you have to chill them for at least two hours before baking. This is important because you want all of the flavors to meld together. It’s worth the wait, but just knowing that they are in the fridge waiting to be baked is torturous.

I have to say that I got many compliments with these cookies. And you will too when you make them!

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