Curry makes it all better

Today was so hot. Imagine living on the third floor of an old building with no air conditioning. Heat rises. No air conditioning. Breezes are few. And no air conditioning.

This makes for a hot and cranky baker.

Hence why I am so angry at the meringue cookies I made today.

I am angry because my stiff peaks were never truly stiff.

And because piping the meringue created a huge mess. And the cookies looked like white poops.

And that when I decided to switch to using spoons to form the cookies, I only had about six cookies worth left.

One cookie looks like a snail.  Do you see it?

All the hassle for a cookie that is subpar.

Thankfully I was able to redeem that with a chickpea curry recipe from Everyday Food magazine. I’ve made this meal before and enjoyed it with fervor. I added roasted cauliflower to make it a more authentic and healthier meal.

Doug made up some naan to go with it.

This is going to make for even better leftovers tomorrow.

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One Response to Curry makes it all better

  1. CherCher says:

    Curry makes it better? Or Currie makes it better? Be honest

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