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Fall Favorites: Part One

There are so many reasons I love fall, but here are just a few. Remember when I won some merchandise from The Pulse? ¬†We finally made it up to Apple Hill Farm in Concord, NH and spent the $10 wisely. … Continue reading

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I haven’t posted much lately due to leaving my camera at potluck on Wednesday. So let’s talk about that, potluck. Last year a friend of mine decided to have a place where friends could drop in, eat, and enjoy the … Continue reading

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The big bake off

This past Sunday was the big day. No, Doug and I didn’t elope– we had our first bake sale at the Tattersall Farm Day! The day started off slowly, but progressively people came around to our table and sampled our … Continue reading

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Soup’s On!

This post was written several days ago. I thought I deleted it, got frustrated and have been very busy since. Well, thanks to my technology handicap I didn’t realize that it saved as a draft automatically. So here it is. … Continue reading

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What makes me happy

There was a theme on the third floor this weekend; good friends and good food. A friend of mine from Western Massachusetts drove out here to have a crafting and baking fun-time weekend. I enjoyed it immensely. Dinner. The crafting. … Continue reading

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Feeling like a grown up kid

That friend of mine from second grade who thought that pizza night was every night at my house came over last night for dinner. Guess what was on the menu? Pizza! I think that she was pleasantly delighted that Doug … Continue reading

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What to do with Leftovers and Cookie Updates

The term ‘leftovers’ conjures up images of cold, limp, and gray masses found in the refrigerator. In some households last night’s supper is a thing of the past, never to be thought of again. The aversion to reheating food and … Continue reading

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