Perfect Pickles and Pumpkin Spice

September first may not be the first day of autumn, but in my heart it’s the first day closer to the fall months. In my opinion there is no better time than fall– tart apples, round pumpkins, back to school supplies, and cooler nights. This season speaks to me.

Today was also the first day that I saw the pumpkin spice syrup at Dunkin Donuts. That stuff is my weakness. I don’t otherwise like Dunkins, but pumpkin spice– that gets me. For me, today was officially the first day of fall. I don’t care about the solstice.

The end of summer also means that other people have an abundance of vegetables in their gardens that they give away for free. Lucky for Doug and me because his co-worker gave us these beautiful gems.

The eggplant has a perfect purple hue without a blemish to notice. The squash are massive gourds of succulence. I can’t wait to come up with something to make with them.

Baba ganoush? Zucchini muffins? Zucchini bread?

And then there’s this.

I have finally conquered my itch to pickle. I have a better story to go with the pickling process which has to do with an old lady’s recipe box and a flea market, but I’ll get to that in two days when the pickles are ready to be eaten.

For now, we can marvel at the terrible job I did canning. And I say terrible because I didn’t do the proper canning methods of sterilization. I’ll just have to eat these bad boys in two weeks time. No problem.

Jars are difficult to photograph.

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