A summertime engagement

In honor of the third floor bakers’ engagement, a barbecue style engagement party was held this weekend.

This was a meet and greet situation for families to get together before the actual wedding. Hopefully, this will make for more fun and conversation on the big day next year.

Even though we were told that we didn’t have to make anything for the occasion, Doug and I found this the perfect opportunity to test some of our recipes on our families.

Doug made another challah, but made two breads with the recipe instead of one giant one.

And I made a huge batch of Martha Stewart’s banana walnut chocolate chunk cookies.

I had about six overripe bananas, so this was the perfect recipe. I used only two, and froze the rest. Banana soft serve is becoming a regular fixture around here.

There were so many other salads, dips, and cooked meats that were delicious. I was luckily able to take some home for left over lunches. Pasta salads are great to add onto lunches.

This day, however, was not about the food, but about the company.


It’s normal to have someone pull up with a truck full of junk for people to rifle through, right?

Only in New Hampshire?

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2 Responses to A summertime engagement

  1. CherCher says:

    Gotta be honest, didn’t recognize there was banana in the cookies. Jack though they were phenomenal.

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