Poppers and Peppers

Doug came up with a brilliant idea the other day. He suggested that he make jalapeno poppers. As a lover of everything cream cheese, I jumped on board immediately.

The creamy inside contrasted with the spicy pepper was a pleasant experience in my mouth. Some of the cornmeal coating came off during cooking, but the crispiness of what was the coating offered another texture that rounded off the appetizer.

Then we had another type of stuffed pepper. These are the more typical rice and bean stuffed variety, but equally as satisfying.

There was no real recipe used here. Instead of using instant rice, we use the kind that takes about 40 minutes to cook. The rice in this dish was melt in your mouth creamy– not what I was expecting at all. Red beans balance the rice and make for full nutritional benefits.

This meal offers so much in terms of nutrition, but it is so easy to change up to whatever you like. In fact, I had originally wanted to stuff the peppers with quinoa, but didn’t have enough.

You can easily stuff peppers with meat, chop up veggies with the rice, cheese, or change up the grain with couscous, orzo, whatever suits your style that night.

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