Back to school bread baking

I know that so many people have very busy schedules. But again, I want to make the case for homemade bread, or at least fresh bakery bread. There is a distinct difference in texture and taste between fresh baked and bread aisle bread. Fresh bread is often chewier, softer, and has tastes that you can recognize. Bread aisle bread is loaded with salt and preservatives which mask the freshness.

It’s truly amazing how your sensitivity to tastes change when eating fresher, less processed foods. And I beg you to try out fresher breads for at least a month. Go to your mega grocery store bakery and pick up a loaf, ask someone to slice it for you, and try their baked bread for sandwiches. I bet you will feel better about what you eat.

Right now we have two loaves of bread in rotation: raisin swirl and soft white.

The raisin swirl is an original recipe by Doug.

Raisin bread is one of my favorite breads. I love the sweetness of the raisins and how they get warm in the toaster. Then, they pop in your mouth like sweet sun gems. Yum.

It is also back to school week, and for Doug that means baking your own white sandwich bread. It may not be customary for a man in his late twenties to spend his weekend baking bread for his own sandwiches, but Doug is no ordinary man.

His sandwich bread beats any kind you will find in the bread aisle. It is fresh, soft, and full of flavor. Though this bread does not keep as long as your average mega chain store bread, the quality surpasses the convenience of those other breads.

All of these bread recipes make two loaves. Wrap the extra loaf in plastic wrap and freeze. When you’re ready for another loaf just take it out of the freezer and thaw. A good tip is not to remove the bread from the plastic wrap because the moisture needs to remain in the bread. Otherwise, you will have dry bread.

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  1. Meg says:

    Neato! You guys are so damn productive!

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