Cookie Experimentation

It’s funny to know what people crave when they get hungry. Some people are proud salty cravers and others move toward the sweeter side of the spectrum. I am without a doubt a craver of everything sweet.

This may be bad news for ever looking like Cindy Crawford, but then again, I don’t think I’ll be growing six inches taller either.

To prepare myself for the cookie bake-a-thon next Saturday I made half a batch of Apple White Chocolate Chip Cookies. Now, these cookies are not truly a recipe (that I know of), but were inspired by a recipe I cam across from McCormick. Changes have been made to the recipe to coincide with the cooler season.

You can find my recipe here.

And relish in the deliciousness that follows.

I’m doing some experimenting with these, though. Some of the cookies have raisins to complement the apple. I’ve also only made half a dozen straight from the mixer, and refrigerated the rest of the dough. I’ll see if the cookies taste better tomorrow after chilling over night.

What could possibly be better than experimenting with cookies?

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