What to do with Leftovers and Cookie Updates

The term ‘leftovers’ conjures up images of cold, limp, and gray masses found in the refrigerator. In some households last night’s supper is a thing of the past, never to be thought of again. The aversion to reheating food and consuming it in new and fun ways is foreign to me. I have fun experimenting with what a leftover can be turned into.

One of my favorite foods to turn into a new night’s dinner would be tacos (or burritos), burgers, and meatloaf. These foods offer so much variety to enter a new realm the next day. My leftovers usually find themselves atop a baked potato or a salad. Though I may have to heat it in the microwave, there is always room for more additions like cheese– that makes everything better, right?

Last night was a leftover night. We had potatoes topped with taco filling, sour cream and of course, cheese.

Baked potatoes are so easy to make, too. Just stab one with a fork a few times and pop it in the microwave for 8 minutes. I always like to flavor mine with garlic powder and butter and then add the toppings.

Cookie update:

These cookies were better after refrigeration. I was actually afraid that they wouldn’t make it to the oven because I was eating the batter by the spoon. Luckily, I had the power to stop.

You should really try to make these cookies. Doug had a few co-workers try them and they thought they were great.
Apple White Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe

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