Soup’s On!

This post was written several days ago. I thought I deleted it, got frustrated and have been very busy since. Well, thanks to my technology handicap I didn’t realize that it saved as a draft automatically. So here it is. Finally.

I started making my own soups and chili about four years ago. I wanted to revert back to my college days when tomato rice and chicken tortilla soups were staples on my lunch plate. My efforts had little merit to what a real soup should be like. The canned broth lacked depth of flavor, the egg noodles I ladled in turned to much, and all the peas and carrots in the world couldn’t make it any healthier.

Now I focus on real recipes. My $5 thrift store Moosewood Cookbook find was finally put to good use today. I made my first-ever onion soup. French onion soup has been on the top of my list for soups to make, but I figured I would never get the robust flavor that beef broth could offer. And I don’t think my at-the-time-vegetarian fiance would appreciate the beef.

My soup was put on hold until tonight. Doug mentioned that soup season should kick start (although didn’t we recently have cauliflower soup?) with onion soup. Sure. Fine. Onions. Pack up the blue boxes of powdered onion soup. Throw away your cans of soup that have to be diluted before cooking. Moosewood Cookbook offers a vegetarian (and ultimately healthier?) version.

This soup is amazing. Even without beef broth or melted gruyere, it was a hit on the 3rdfloor. I recommend you try this one soon.

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