I haven’t posted much lately due to leaving my camera at potluck on Wednesday. So let’s talk about that, potluck.

Last year a friend of mine decided to have a place where friends could drop in, eat, and enjoy the company. We decided on Wednesdays due to the lack of fun television, and on having alphabet themed foods. Dishes brought to potluck were supposed to start with the letter of the week or from a place from that letter. It was great, and got us eating foods that we’d never explore otherwise.

Once school ended (most potluck attendees are teachers), potluck was put on hold. The summer is meant for fun, vacation, and well, more fun.

As the ten week school vacation came to a close, some of us were itching for more potluck goodness. However, three of the regulars moved about 30 minutes away from the normal potluck location. This put a dampened spirit on the weekly festivities, but those few made the trek over. Now that we are a couple of weeks back into the routine of fun food, there seems to be happiness brought back to Wednesdays. The gruelling humpday has become a day to look forward to once again.

Bring on the fun dishes potluckers. We are back.


More to be updated when I get the camera back.

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