Trying to manage mismanaging

Unfortunately, the blog has been put on the backburner for a few weeks now. Training for a half marathon, taking a graduate class, working, and trying to fit in other aspects of life have drained me of the will to download pictures and come up with something entertaining to write without sounding whiny.

Even though the level of writing has dwindled there has still been a good amount of baking and fresh cooking going on.

Since the fall months have made an appearance we have been experimenting with a new soup every week. Last week was curried carrot and tonight was yellow split pea.

Doug made an “easier than ciabatta” whole wheat bread. Apparently it has the same idea as a ciabatta, but without all the hassle.

It was quite tasty indeed.

In the past few weeks since updating there has been pumpkin cake:

Though visually unappealing, it was delicious. Not exactly what I would call pumpkin bars as the original recipe indicates, but definitely a cake.

There has also been sweet potato bread and bagels, and I’m sure many more that I’m forgetting. I think some snickerdoodles coated in a cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice and sugar concoction, butternut squash delights, and sweet potato gnocchi.

Tonight I made pumpkin swirl brownies inspired by Martha Stewart. I’ll definitely post more of those later.

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