Thanksgiving Weekend Update

In no particular order, here are the Thanksgiving festivities: cook, eat, run, repeat.

There’s no better way to start the holiday eat-a-thon than with a race to benefit a family in need.

The Bow Police Association Turkey Trot had the best goodie bag I’ve ever received for a race. There was a wicking t-shirt, gum, rice krispies treats, reflectors, magnets, key chains, pencils, Dick’s Sporting Goods coupons, a Slim Jim, and so much more. The best.

I chose to post the goofiest picture of myself. Do I really look like that?

This shortbread cookie is a creation of Everyday Food magazine. The last time I made it I used leftover Halloween candy, but this time I crunched up some vanilla wafers and added fall colored sprinkles for color.

You have to imagine shortbread cookie below the chocolate topping.

Then on Wednesday night Doug whipped up some onion mix rolls. Ya know, that’s what he does, just whip up rolls. I had to post giant pictures because they were so amazing.

Then there was the coffee cake I made Friday morning. This I stole, or borrowed, from Brown Eyed Baker.

Lastly, the tree was decorated on Saturday after watching the town parade.

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  1. jen says:

    cuuuuute cat!

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