Fall Favorites

Though today is not officially the last day of autumn, it is the last day of November. Thus, the last day of the season in my eyes. Some of the most delicious meals that we made this month were not photographed, but here’s some of my favorites.

Guacamole. Nothing says fall season like chips and guac while watching football. In fact, it’s the only way I’ll watch football.

These pumpkin-swirl brownies added a hint of spice to my baking repertoire. They also made a great introduction to fall baking.

When New England Coffee puts pumpkin spice flavor on the shelves I run out to buy it. However, I found myself enjoying Dunkin Donuts pumpkin spice ground coffee to be even better. Dunkins had a more robust coffee flavor with a great balance of spice. Either way, pumpkin spice coffee is a fall favorite. The honey I bought with my radio contest winnings also made for a great treat throughout the fall. Now that I’ve bought the chain brand again, the difference is alarming.

Lastly, my ultimate fall favorite has to be butternut squash soup with homemade rolls. The velvety texture of the pureed gourd makes for a stick to your bones meal. It is so simple, yet body-warming each time I have it.

With all the good food that we’ve had this fall, there are always good memories associated with it. Baking for pot luck dinners, the smell of fresh bread baking while crafting, and relaxing with some guacamole. Fresh food isn’t a chore if done consistently, but is a way to put pride into what you’re eating and who you are enjoying it with.

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