29th Cake

I love the feeling of baking a birthday cake. When I first had a choice of what I wanted for my birthday cakes I would want a “homemade” cake which was usually a box of strawberry cake with chocolate frosting. Since high school I have moved onto making cakes from scratch. Sometimes these cakes flop (Martha Stewart’s Crepe Cake, the banana cake baked in a batman mold, and the dry coconut cake). Sometimes the cat licks the cake.
And sometimes the cake comes out just right.

This cake was an ice cream cake made with chocolate ice cream mixed with crushed mints and a top layer of cookies and cream. The middle layer was crushed chocolate animal crackers with a jar of hot fudge. That’s right, an entire jar.

Beware of making ice cream cake. There will be numerous lickings of the spoon and sampling of ice cream to make sure it has just the right flavor. You never know, Hood or Turkey Hill could have made a mistake with their cookies and cream and chocolate ice creams.

For Doug’s 29th birthday dinner he requested Spicy Black Bean Cakes with a chili-garlic sour cream topping along with Broccoli Mashed Potatoes. I was more than happy to make both of these for him. Simply for the ability to taste test the mashed potatoes numerous times I was more than happy to make them.

So here’s hoping that 29 offers some spectacular adventures, wonderful times with friends and family, and new creations in the kitchen.

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One Response to 29th Cake

  1. Mackenzie says:

    I love the both of you!

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