On The Third Day of Cookie…

Though I am a traditional chocolate chip cookie lover, for the past three years I have expanded my recipes to include jam filled shortbread sandwiches. The last two Christmases I have rolled the shortbread cookie dough, cut them into wreath shapes, and used the vanilla extract cap to create a hole for the top of the sandwich. After a dusting of confectioners’ sugar, these cookies make a festive appearance on the cookie plate.

To expand on that, I recently made walnut thumbprint cookies. Now, thumbprint cookies seem as though they are easy to create, almost an immature, childlike cookie. Images of sticky kid thumbs pop into my mind when I think of thumbprint cookies. Not so easy though. Placing your thumb into a soft batter may cause the outside to crack, for nuts to fall off the sides, or for a shallow divot. I was frustrated, but channeled my new cookie mantra: “they do not have to be perfect”.

Imperfect they may be, but the end result was a strawberry jam-filled jewel that were quickly gobbled up by party-goers.

Recipe adapted from: Martha Stewart

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