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Celebrating 28 Years of Amy

Tomorrow is my birthday. I have mixed feelings about it. There’s the point that I’m that much closer to thirty. And that just sounds dirty. Then there’s the good that’s coming. For one, this will be the year that I … Continue reading

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Saturday Night

A brief look into Saturday night. More to come.

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I heart pizza

Some days I feel like a teenage boy. Not in the sense that I have a dirty mind or that I want to play XBox all day, but because I could probably live off pizza. I love pizza so much. … Continue reading

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Savory Snackiness

Becky came over to my apartment for our weekly coffee date. She was unaware that I had some cooking going on. I proceeded to tell her that the stink was what was in the oven. She said she thought it … Continue reading

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I’ll Take a Snow Day Anyday

It seems like Massachusetts goes into panic mode when the threat of snow is near. The weather anchors complain and moan. They say they don’t want any more snow. The hearty New Englanders complain that their cars are under a … Continue reading

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Carbs Are Good For You

This article by gives eight reasons why carbohydrates are good for you. It talks about how carbs control blood sugar, curb cravings, and keep you satisfied. Sometimes I poo-poo the timing of articles and the source of the article, … Continue reading

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The Butternut Squash War

There may not have been any wars started over butternut squash, but that gourd and I had it out tonight. For our weekly potluck dinner I decided to make a nutritious pureed butternut squash. I had fond memories of the … Continue reading

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