Monkey See, Monkey Bread

Something awesome happened this Christmas. I mean, lots of awesome things happened, but Doug exceeded the awesomeness quota. To start the day off right we went over to Doug’s sister’s house for Christmas Day brunch. As usual, Doug needed to make a bread for the occasion.

There are so many ways you can go with brunch. It can have finger foods, snacks, or a large meal. It can have pastries, ham, and fruit. This brunch had all that. It also had all this.

That would be the monkey bread Doug made. Now, when I think monkey bread I usually picture butter laden dough balls covered in cinnamon and sugar. This, however, was a savory bread. We did dip them in butter, but then into sesame and poppy seeds. The seeds were an excellent contrast to the bready, slightly sweet interior of the dough.

Even if you buy the monkey bread dry mix, I would say to try it out. This bread is so much fun to eat. But be careful because you may find that you’re popping ten little pieces in at a time.

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One Response to Monkey See, Monkey Bread

  1. Renata says:

    OMG! I love baking bread and I MUST try this one! Love it!

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