Snowed In

Today we are snowed in.

Though I am dreading waiting for the plow to come so I can shovel out my car, it’s nice to have a day to be cozy. What sounds cozier than a massive amount of coffee and a breakfast sandwich on homemade English muffins?

My favorite way to top an English muffin is to drizzle the bread with honey and then slather it with peanut butter. The nooks and crannies provide the perfect place for the honey to soak into, and nothing says comfort to me than peanut butter.

Someone else is enjoying the snow day as well. This cat grass has been growing for a little over a week now. Today was its debut for Katie, and boy does she love it. I think one of her favorite things is to rub her face all over plants. She’ll also be getting some healthy greens in her diet.

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2 Responses to Snowed In

  1. Cheryl says:

    I would love some coffee, too. Too bad I broke the carafe. Boooooo! I have a box of delicious tea, but that’s out as I can’t put milk or sugar in it. Ew. BUT! I will be making some butternut squash soup. Hope red onions are OK. I don’t have white or yellow, and I don’t think I can drive anywhere now.

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