North Andovers

This post could be titled Snowed In: Part Five because these treats were baked up yesterday, but I’ve come up with something better.

To start things off Doug made a trail mix bread adapted from a King Arthur Flour recipe. He used farm-milled from Upinngil Farm in Gill, MA. And substituted some flavors such as dried apricots, peanuts and golden raisins for walnuts and regular raisins. It came out to be a chewy and flavorful bread. Essentially, we wanted to use up the dried fruit we had sitting in the cupboard that was leftover from sugarplums.

I used up the figs and prunes that we had, and made “North Andovers”. Now, these are a play on fig newton cookies. The dough is surprisingly simple to make. It’s just white flour, whole wheat flour, shortening, brown sugar, vanilla, salt, baking soda, and baking powder. Chill for two hours. Puree two cups of figs or other dried fruit, cook with water, lemon juice (I used cranberry because that’s what I had) and sugar until thick. Roll out the dough, cut, spread jam, fold dough over jam, transfer to pan, cut, bake, break apart and eat.

Surprisingly simple. And what am I so surprised at how good they taste? So, these are North Andovers because that’s where they were invented. Try them. You won’t get enough.

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2 Responses to North Andovers

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  2. Meg says:

    Those North Andovers were seriously amazing. And the trail mix bread too. I wish I had more to eat right now. 🙂

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