Brews and Bites

Yesterday Doug and I headed down to Medford to hang out with our friends Seth and Kira. The plan was to meet, go to the Belmont Craft Beer Cellar, make a 6 pack of micro-brews, go back to Seth’s to sample and eat snacks.

The Craft Beer Cellar was great. Doug and I saw this place featured on Chronicle, a news magazine program about local events. We knew we had to go there.

We got there just in time to sample some Mayflower Brewing Company. I was in love with their Oatmeal Stout. The girl gave us six samples of beer. Needless to say, I’m glad I wasn’t driving.

There were so many beers it was hard to decide what to get but Doug and I wound up with this selection.

We actually bought the Clementine beer last night which was like a Blue Moon, but I put in the Banana Bread beer with it because Doug’s friend got it for us from there. Banana Bread beer rocks. We had it over the summer, and were quite pleased. And remember one of my first posts about Ommegang Brewery? Well, they had some of that too. They had People’s Pint and another Western Mass microbrew. It was just fantastic.

Once we had our choices made we headed back to Seth’s place to eat. But first we sampled beer.

As if drinking were not enough, we ate massive amounts of food. Chili-cream cheese dip, bruschetta, flatbread, homemade tortilla chips, taco pizza, but my absolute favorite, Thanksgiving in a wonton with cranberry jalapeno sauce. Wow. Yum.

At about 9 pm, my belly was so uncomfortably full that I needed to get home. I had become sluggish, Seth and Kira’s apartment was up to 80* (were they really trying to sweat us out?), and all I wanted was to lay down.

I finished everything off with a S’more granola. Details on those to come.

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3 Responses to Brews and Bites

  1. Seth says:

    What a fun evening! Thanks for making the trip south, your place next time!

  2. Mike Ketchen says:

    I am glad you guys liked the turkey egg rolls! Also Amy thanks for all the snacks you make even if Doug tries to take all the credit, I know the truth lol. Also, Blog is awesome!

  3. Carri says:

    Seth made those turkey egg rolls for a potluck dinner we went to this Thanksgiving. They were awesome!! Whoever gave him the recipe is my new favorite person of the day 🙂

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