The Case of the Missing Granola

This past Christmas I made granola for a few people. I gave a package to each of my future sisters in law and saved the other two bags to give to Mackenzie as a gift. Well, the second two bags never made their way to Mackenzie because they went missing! I searched my mother’s house up and down looking in bags that I carried presents in. I scoured cupboards and shelves. They were nowhere to be found. And nobody ever mentioned they had two random bags of granola.

Mackenzie had to have a new batch made just for her. Now, I’m not complaining that I had to make more granola, but I would love to know– where in the world could two bags of granola go to?

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2 Responses to The Case of the Missing Granola

  1. jessica mann says:

    I might have snuck in and stolen those bags of granola. It was the BEST granola I have ever eaten!

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