The New Year joiners at the gym are slowly dissipating. The diets are creeping back with sweets and breads. But I have a deadline. May 28. The third floor bakers get married.

Now, every bride wants to look her best. And I am one of those people. I’ve heard of people doing many diets and tricks to get slim: skipping meals, salads only, cut bread and dairy. But we bake. I have fresh bread at my disposal daily. I try not to be afraid of bread or eating. I try to have a healthy relationship with food. Lately I think food and I have gotten a bit too close.

It’s time to realize that I’m 28 in a week. (Holy crap) I’m not 22 anymore. No more Reese’s Peanut Butter cup binges, or ice cream twice a day. No more working out just 30 minutes a day and being lean. It takes work now. Effort. Real watch what you eat.

I’ll never give up cookies. Or peanut butter. Or ice cream. Or ice cream made with cookies and peanut butter. I’ll never give up bread, or coffee, or a hamburger once in a while. That’s just what these all are to me now. Once in a while.

Then there’s exercise. Run a half marathon? Sure. Lose weight? Nope. I know that working out is half the battle. But after months of running, doing the elliptical, Jackie Warner dvds and Jillian Michaels dvds without getting “shredded”, it’s kind of disappointing, and overwhelmingly frustrating. I’ll keep at it. Keep plugging along. Hopefully someday I’ll have arms of steel, a belly that doesn’t resemble a doughnut and legs that are toned. Someday.

So goodbye cookies.

More of the green stuff is here to stay.

For now.

I hope.

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