I’ll Take a Snow Day Anyday

It seems like Massachusetts goes into panic mode when the threat of snow is near. The weather anchors complain and moan. They say they don’t want any more snow. The hearty New Englanders complain that their cars are under a foot of snow and that there’s nowhere to put it anymore. Where is the heart of New England? The rough and tumble people that embrace the unpredictable and stare down an ole Nor’easter?

What I know is that school was cancelled so that meant I could stay warm and cozy inside and do of my favorite things: eat. I also did one of my least favorite things: clean. Eating beats cleaning so let’s move off of that topic.

Breakfast was a piping bowl of oats with peanut butter and honey with a side of freshly pressed coffee. But the winner of the day (so far) is lunch. Another day of tomato soup with a wasa cracker and a side of orange. Nothing says snow day than a bowl of soup.

I’ll take that over sweating through all my clothes any day.

While you’re here, check this out:

Contest at Mackenzie’s Blog

Mackenzie has a contest going at her blog to rename it. I hear there’s a homemade prize to the winner!

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