Savory Snackiness

Becky came over to my apartment for our weekly coffee date. She was unaware that I had some cooking going on. I proceeded to tell her that the stink was what was in the oven. She said she thought it was the smelly shoes sitting in the hallway– funny.

The stink of the apartment would soon unfold to become a delicious snack that rivals any potato chip– salt and vinegar roasted chickpeas. That’s right, those little beans that are named for a pea were boiled in vinegar and roasted until crisp.

I was a bit disappointed because some of them were soft, not crunchy like they should be. I think I pulled them out too soon because the last time I made them too many got charred. Maybe my next (secret recipe) batch will be better.

Salt and Vinegar Chickpeas from Oh She Glows

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