So Sweet Snowday

This birthday has been truly awesome. I had so many surprises come to me: Mackenzie visited after saying she couldn’t, a shin dig with so many friends at a bar down the street, and wonderful gifts from friends and family.

For several months I’ve been teetering with the thought of rock climbing. I took part in project adventure during high school phys ed, but was so terrified of heights (probably combined with horrific upper body strength) that I couldn’t climb all the way up the wall. I had dropped hints at Christmas that it would be a neat present, but didn’t get it. It was a complete surprise when I opened my gift from Doug, a gift card to go to the rock wall gym. Now I’m physically stronger and braver, so I’ll be well on my way to a three hour lesson accompanied with two weeks worth of time at the gym.

My actual birthday dinner was also a delightful treat– homemade bagels with egg and cheese and a side of oven baked sweet potato.

But let’s get to dessert. See that box? That’s Frederick’s Pastries. It’s the pastry shop that opened up about a tenth of a mile from my apartment at Thanksgiving. I haven’t been there yet because I’m afraid of trying sweets that I may not like.

Let’s back track for a moment. I had my heart set on a lobster tail for my birthday dessert. A lobster tail is a flaky pastry filled with a cheese-cream filling. As you guessed it, the shape of it looks like a lobster tail. There’s a great picture here. Due to inclement weather I decided not to drive out of my way to either of the two pastry shops that I know have these treats.

I had a feeling Frederick’s wouldn’t have it. I was right. Instead, I settled for a cannoli (which was not filled on the spot– a bad sign) and a slice of chocolate cake. They were both underwhelming. The cannoli filling was not a traditional cheesy flavor, but had more of a whipped cream texture. The chocolate cake’s frosting was hard and flaky. I enjoyed the chocolate cream that filled the layers of cake, but it certainly did not tickle my sweet tooth.

Thankfully, Doug also surprised me with these little gems. Mini Eggs. I may go into a sugar coma.

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One Response to So Sweet Snowday

  1. Christina says:

    Happy birthday!! Too bad the canolli and chocolate cake did not satisfy your sweet tooth, at least you scored some awesome mini eggs! 🙂

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