Eat, Read, Wii

The snow has been piling up around here every week. In fact, the snow has been so out of control I have not worked a full week at school since the first week of January. This week is no exception. With the extended news coverage of roof collapses and how to rake a roof, the school system I work for decided to cancel classes on Monday and Tuesday of this week to clear the roofs. Maybe it’s precautionary, maybe it’s hysteria. Either way, I am stir crazy.

Being in an apartment all day leads to creativity, boredom and nonsense. Here’s a breakdown: eat, gym, drink 2 cups of coffee and snack, watch Ellen, watch Nate Berkus while making Valentine’s Day cards, eat lunch, internet, go for a walk read, clean, read, snack, crave more coffee, snack again, internet again, play Wii, internet YouTube for cat videos, play Wii, eat dinner.

Less on the creativity more of the useless crap when left alone.

Thankfully, yesterday was Superbowl Sunday which meant guacamole, chips, and chili. Sadly, the guacamole could not be photographed because it made its way into my belly.

On a positive note, there was lots of leftover chili. When there’s leftover chili the obvious choice for the next night’s dinner is loaded potato.

Now it’s time to rub my very full belly, and probably complete the cycle that I started earlier today (eat, read, Wii).

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One Response to Eat, Read, Wii

  1. Meg Marcoux says:

    “Extended news coverage of how to rake a roof” that made me laugh. This snow is out of control!

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