Doug’s On the Mend Menu

This past grocery shopping spree was filled with frozen fruit, yogurt, Jell-O, pudding, orange juice, and eggs. Some of those things we eat weekly, but others are a rarity. Since Doug had his wisdom teeth out we needed to keep meals on the mushy and drinkable side.

On the menu: soup, eggs, oatmeal and smoothies. Of course there had to be dessert so pudding and gelatin (not my choice) was served.

I always have good intentions with smoothies. Insert frozen fruit into grocery basket, pay too much, stick in freezer, open freezer and say “Oh gee, I should use that”, close freezer. Good intentions, bad execution. Fortunately, Doug had one smoothie during recovery. Now I need to figure out what to do with two pounds of frozen strawberries, a bag of blueberries, half a tub of yogurt and orange juice.

The soup was a bit disappointing. Now, I have eaten in three days in a row so it’s not disgusting. However, it was too liquidy even after I omitted a cup and a half of broth. I like my butternut squash smooth and velvety, not watery. I guess America’s Test Kitchen and I have different thoughts on the matter.

The winner in this situation has to go to Jell-O tapioca pudding. I have never had tapioca pudding before, nor have I ever “cooked” pudding before. Heck, I’ve never even made anything other than the chill ‘n serve pudding, but this was awesome. I’m not usually one to rave about something from a box, and maybe simply by never having tapioca any other way I should not be commenting. However, this rocked.

It had just the right amount of custard, and the tapioca balls were amazing. Served with freshly grated nutmeg and you got your self a meal.

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