My Own CSA

Last year Doug and I teetered with the idea of buying vegetables through a CSA. For about $500 we would have freshly grown vegetables from May through October. It seemed like a great way to support out local farms, but wasn’t practical for our lifestyle. There were a couple months of kale. That’s a lot of kale, and I’m not a huge fan of the stuff. And what about those weeks that we were away or didn’t get to use the vegetables? They’d just rot. So to still support local farms it was decided to visit farmer’s markets and farms rather than spend the money upfront.

We did, however, have our own garden of sorts. I received an herb garden for my birthday last year along with some other herbs for Easter. Last year’s herb garden was a success with green onion, thyme, and basil at our disposal (the rosemary didn’t make it, though I read that is a difficult herb to grow).

With temperatures nearing 60 this weekend, it was time to sow seeds for herbs and vegetables. Last year’s herb garden turned out to be such a success that I have included a couple new plants as well. I’ll also be moving onto wider pastures with some vegetables.

The herbs that turned out the best last year was the basil. I had so much basil growing in my apartment that it was difficult to give the plants away. The payoff was well worth the effort though. Having fresh basil on hand, rather than having to shell out nearly three dollars for a few leaves that will die in a day or two, was a much more convenient and cost-effective adventure.

Fresh herbs are a necessity to good cooking, so it seems fairly natural to have them growing here. To add to the window-herb mix I’ve planted cilantro, parsley, and green onion.

My grandmother used to have green beans growing in her garden during the summer. I remember going to her house and grabbing some from the stalks and snapping the beans for dinner. Now, I didn’t like green beans at the time, but that particular memory has always stayed with me because growing your own food and eating it fresh sticks with you, whereas going to the grocery store doesn’t so much.

This year I’ve planted seeds for carrots, green beans, peas, lettuce, sweet peppers and hot peppers. Instead of getting a whole garden, my plan is just to have large pots to grow the veggies in. That way the pots can be moved to the optimal spots in the yard for growing.

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