New Flavors I’m Liking Now

Tonight was another first for me– using a recipe with tofu as the main ingredient. I have just been getting used to the taste of texture of tofu, so Asian tofu salad was on the menu tonight. This recipe pairs the compressed soy with bean sprouts, snow peas, red pepper, and carrots along with a spicy peanut sauce.

It was easy to make, and went down the hatch just as easily. For people who are just getting into tofu, this would be an excellent starter meal.

Another product that I am really into lately was first discovered in the aisles of Whole Foods. There is this rice cake-like product called Magic Pop. These cakes are so fresh that they are made on site. In fact, they are alarming the way that they pop from the machine. And when we finally decided it was time to buy a bag after sampling it so many times, the cellophane that held all of the patties was still warm. That’s my favorite kind of fresh.

Enjoy these toasted marshmallow flavored treats with peanut butter or nutella. Serve them as a dip for tzaiki, or hummus. They are what I’m eating right now.

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