Orange juice + hummus = goodness?

There hasn’t seemed to be a reason to bake recently. Doug is on the mend after hip surgery, so I’ve had to hold down the fort here all on my own. My dinners have been reduced to egg sandwiches and frozen veggies or pierogi salad. Though I have dabbled with some rolls and another granola, I just feel like there has been little going on in the kitchen.

I invited my friend, Becky, over yesterday for our weekly coffee date. However, instead of dinner, I offered to make dinner. But what? Well, without proper planning I was at a loss. She bowed out of dinner and came for a hot chocolate date.

It’s pitiful how I get when there’s a wrench thrown in my routine.

Today I was able to slip in a little something for snacking. I made an orange hummus. Not orange in color, no, but orange in flavor. Instead of the usual lemon for that sour bite in the dip, I added a splash of orange juice to change up the routinely used lemon.

Success? I’ll leave that to the critics, but this is not too shabby.

Orange juice hummus
1 28 oz can reduced sodium chickpeas, drained
1-2 tablespoons tahini (depends on your preference)
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 tablespoon orange juice
Salt to taste

Add all ingredients to a food processor and blend until smooth. Add more tahini if desired.

Peanut butter is a great substitute for tahini if you don’t have it on hand. Enjoy as a dip, spread on a cracker, or make a sandwich. Hummus is so versatile.

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