Millet Muffins Remix

One of the most nerve-wracking moments of being a baker is having someone try the product.

Today I brought millet muffins to share with my co-workers.

In an effort to get people to visit me I sent out an email stating that I had millet muffins. Most responses were “what the heck is that?”. Of course I replied in all honesty– an ancient grain that is used in bird seed. That was a stupid mistake. How could I sell millet to someone by calling it birdseed? I pushed a little harder and just put some in the hands of co-workers. I got a mix response of “really good” and a throw away (though he said he was full).

Luckily, I ate two.

I used the same recipe as before–from, but this time I followed the recipe exactly, and did not use orange zest and juice.

After tasting the lemon flavored muffins, I actually prefer the orange ones. Go figure.

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