What Gives Me a Kick

Lately I’ve been on a salad kick. I crave salad. I want it to breakfast, lunch and dinner. The fresh greens, light vinaigrette, sweet bell peppers, avocado and carrots call to me.

Eating salad isn’t unusual for me. I have several times a week for lunch, with dinner, and for dinner at least once a week. But this past week has been salad overdrive.

Pierogi salad Tuesday. Taco salad Wednesday. Pierogi salad Friday. Taco salad Saturday. See a trend?

Then there’s the cilantro kick I’m on. This sprouted on Wednesday with the cilantro vinaigrette that adorned the taco salad. It brings a bright, fresh flavor to the salad that is unexpected, but leaves me happy.

Now, some people may not like cilantro because they may find it to have a soapy taste. This may or may not be a genetic trait (I’ve read different things). However, I have been blessed to have taste buds that find the herb pleasing.

I have found cilantro so pleasing in fact, that I added that to my oats with a fried egg instead of the usual green onion. This variation was a winner. Once again, the freshness of the herb turned the oats from simply nutty to nutty and fresh. Light even.

Clearly another winner in my book.

Maybe she could go on a salad kick too.

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2 Responses to What Gives Me a Kick

  1. Seth says:

    Love the salad kick! I’m trying to get there myself…

    Love the picture of Katie and recovery Doug! Does he have enough mesh shorts to make it through the week?

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